Remediation of biohazards

Our remediation services

Our professional and discrete services will restore any property to a safe and liveable home after incidences of hoarding, squalor or other biohazard activity, whilst maintaining dignity and respect for the privacy of all concerned parties.


Our professional hoarder’s clean-up service will provide the initial step to recovery, whilst restoring functionality and safety to the affected home.

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In Australia severe weather conditions, such as bush fires are regular occurrences. Fires can cause damage to internal structures, fixings and the contents of a property.

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Flooding in Australia can be catastrophic, and because these natural disasters occur frequently, it can cause extensive water damage to a business, home and personal belongings.

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Sewage is potentially harmful and should only be handled by industry professionals, as it contains bacteria and viruses such as Hepatitis A, tetanus and other serious illnesses. Sewage is categorised as black water.

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